WJY Photography, Ruidoso, NM Professional Real Estate Photography, Interior design photography and architectural photography

I am active in the Ruidoso, NM area photographing various events which include dance and equestrian competitions. I also do product, food and real estate photography.

I love this beautiful area and enjoy living in the mountains almost as much as I enjoy teaching others what I have learned about photography in over 45 years of taking pictures.

Most recently my focus is real estate photography, which captures the various features of properties listed for sale.  I also photograph homes for owners who wish to preserve memories and document their real estate. These photos can be a great resource for insurance companies should the need arise.

My clients include interior designers, real estate brokers, home designers and builders, custom kitchen designers, and cabinet manufacturers.

I love what I do and my clients quickly learn in my business, the customer comes first!

About WJY Photography William J Yorston Photographer

I started my journey in photography in the late 1960’s. At that time, film was the primary medium, and I utilized both 35 mm and medium-format film cameras. My emphasis was black & white photography including darkroom printing. During the mid 1980’s, digital cameras began to enter the photography scene and I transitioned from film to digital photography, trading in my darkroom for the computer.

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